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Authorship Rights/Transfer of Rights


By his last will and testament, made and signed with his own hand on 14th June 1973 and the Supplement and Codicil to the will dated 4th April 1979, made and signed with his own hand before witnesses, the Archimandrite University professor Dr Justin Popović appointed his testamentary heirs who had the obligation to establish a Fund, i.e. the Foundation whose main aim is to finish the Temple of St John Chrysostom in Ćelije Monastery and to raise a new three-altar temple devoted to Saint Sava, Saint Justin the Philosopher and Saint Mary of Egypt in the same Monastery.

Dr Justin Popović bequeathed all his authorship rights to the testamentary heirs.

The Decision of the Municipal Court in Valjevo, O 443/79 dated 23rdNovember 1979, announced the testamentary heirs to the legacy of Dr Justin Popović.

The Decision of the Municipal Courtа   

 By the Decision of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia No 022-05-31/2000-05 dated 24thNovember 2000, the Foundation “St John Chrysostom” of Father Justin of Ćelije was established.

 The Decision of the Ministry   

By the Decision on the preregistration of the Foundation APR – the Decision No BZF 319/2012 containing the change of the name, dated 15th November 2012, the Foundation was preregistered and its name was changed to the Foundation “St Father Justin of Ćelije”.


 The Decision on preregistration 




The Foundation “St Father Justin of Ćelije” is the exclusive bearer of authorship (moral and property) rights to the works of Dr Justin Popović and only it can give consent for the publication of his works both in our country and abroad. The Foundation “St Father Justin of Ćelije” takes care of all the aspects of the protection of authorship rights.


Publishers and other parties interested in publishing the works of Father Justin of Ćelije shall submit their request direct to the Foundation and sign a contract with the Foundation if their request is granted.